Join the Midwest Row Crop Collaborative at VERGE 2020

Climate change is the most significant global threat we face today. It also represents an unprecedented opportunity to build a clean economy by electrifying and decarbonizing our world, equitably and profitably. Momentum is building as businesses and governments transform their organizations to be more efficient and resilient. At VERGE…

Program Update

The power of collaborative action: highlights from our annual survey

For the Midwest Row Crop Collaborative members, industry leadership doesn’t come without its share of work—understanding one another’s priorities, resources, and ways of working requires a meaningful investment, and is one that the members believe is necessary. As a group that represents a range of activities…

Program Update

When we know enough to act

As May 2020 comes to a close, there is much we don’t know about COVID-19’s impacts on our agricultural and food systems. Some of the questions we continue to grapple with include: What aspects of the system have been permanently altered? What will emerge in its place? How will this…