The Food and Agricultural Value Chain

As ubiquitous commodity crops that are essential for an array of products in our modern food system, corn, soybeans, and other row crops follow a complex journey through multiple links in the food and agriculture value chain.

This journey starts with growers, but involves many others.

Stops along the way may include aggregators, processors, animal production, food manufacturing, retailers and wholesale distributors, and food service companies before finally reaching the end consumer.

The supply chain is supported and influenced by a multifaceted system of key actors including agricultural advisors and retailers, agronomists, financial institutions, policy makers, and solutions providers. The Midwest Row Crop Collaborative conducted a mapping of the value chain to understand where members influence and interact with the agricultural system.

As the figure below illustrates, the Collaborative has a unique set of vantage points into the system and benefits from access to multiple leverage points for systems change.

Amplify Your Impact with Other Partners in the Value Chain

The Midwest Row Crop Collaborative engages with a variety of partners, ranging from project implementers, technical advisors, and solutions developers to funders and thought leaders working on new policy and practices supporting systems change. If you see opportunities to align our work with yours, we’re eager to hear from you.