Scaling Solutions for Agriculture and the Environment

The Midwest Row Crop Collaborative explores new approaches to agricultural challenges to find solutions that increase productivity while ensuring soil health, protecting water, addressing the factors contributing to climate change, and supporting farm families.

Our Model

As a unique partnership aligned to drive positive environmental change in the Mississippi River Basin, the Midwest Row Crop Collaborative develops solutions for removing barriers to widespread adoption of regenerative agricultural practices. Our members are industry leading supply chain companies and environmental nonprofits, spanning the full food and agriculture value chain.

Our Approach

The complex and interconnected challenges facing our current agricultural system can only be solved by working together to remove the barriers to change. Our members design, fund, and implement cutting-edge programs and pilots that demonstrate the soil, water, and climate benefits of regenerative agricultural practices to unlock strategies for a more resilient system.

Our Work

The Midwest Row Crop Collaborative applies a shared learning and on-the-ground partnership approach into practice to achieve results across our strategic focus areas:

  • Testing innovative incentives and finance solutions.
  • Reducing up-front risks in adopting regenerative practices.
  • Cultivating networks that support change.
  • Developing supply chain demand for regenerative practices.
  • Engaging consumers to drive demand.