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Our Work

To advance our goals, the Midwest Row Crop Collaborative has been a catalyst for several projects active in the upper Mississippi River Basin for education and on-field practice change.

  • Soil Health Partnership
  • Priority Watersheds – Central NE
  • Priority Watersheds – Middle Cedar River IA
  • Priority Watersheds – Illinois
  • Sustainability Programming for Ag Retailers (SPARC)
  • 4 R Plus Outreach in Iowa
  • Mill Creek Cost Share Program
  • Advanced Soil Health Training in Illinois
  • Precision Conservation Management
  • FFA Consumer Engagement Campaign
  • Midwest Agriculture Water Quality Partnership
  • Sustainable Agriculture Policy Engagement

Policy Priorities

The Midwest Row Crop Collaborative has identified the following priorities its members would like policy makers at both the federal and state levels to consider when making decisions that affect farmers’ ability to productively engage in agronomic and conservation practices. MRCC supports policy efforts that will:

  • Accelerate innovation and scalability of in field and edge of field conservation practices that improve water quality and soil health. This includes locally driven adoption of existing and innovative practices that will result in improved soil health and water quality outcomes.
  • Strengthen soil health and water quality research and data collection to improve the adoption of conservation practices, impact of on farm conservation practices, and measurement of outcomes. Incorporate the latest science and conservation technologies into program implementation.
  • To accomplish this, we must improve opportunities for public private partnerships to drive implementation of conservation practices. Public private partnerships should increase availability of incentives to farmers to overcome cost, risk, or learning-curve barriers to adoption of conservation measures.