2022 Impact Report

The calls for a more resilient and regenerative agricultural system have grown louder since the Midwest Row Crop Collaborative (MRCC) was formed in 2016, and MRCC remains rooted in its shared desire to build a healthy agricultural system that is economically viable for all.

MRCC expanded its reach in 2022, building on its collaborative effort to drive systems change. The 2022 Impact Report highlights MRCC’s ongoing initiatives and includes a series of case studies on the impact and learnings from collaborative member-led projects.

2021 Impact Report

Much progress was made despite the challenges of 2021—memberships and partnerships bloomed and projects expanded thanks to additional financial support. Through these efforts we engaged more than 1,000 farmers, resulting in the adoption of regenerative practices on more than 380,000 acres.

In 2021, we announced new goals that reflect growing calls for change to benefit the health of people, communities, and the environment. Among other insights included in the 2021 Impact Report are a series of case studies that highlight the impact and learning from numerous collaborative Midwest Row Crop Collaborative projects.

2020 Impact Report

In 2020, members’ work together is highlighted in this year’s report. Together, the collaborative focused on projects that are improving soil health, sequestering carbon, increasing biodiversity, and reducing nitrogen, water use, and soil erosion.

2016-2019 Progress Report

The Midwest Row Crop Collaborative has put its shared learning and partnership focus into practice to achieve results across our systems change pathways. Our 2016-2019 Progress Report highlights examples of the Collaborative’s progress since 2016 and demonstrates the importance of working across different pathways for change in the agricultural system.