Featured Projects

Members of the Midwest Row Crop Collaborative jointly develop, fund, and implement a variety of innovative programs and pilot projects designed to test approaches that can accelerate new solutions.

Because soil properties differ according to climate, geology, topography, and land use and management history on a field, “healthy soil” can look different in different places. A multi-solution approach is needed, working on the ground in various local contexts across the shared Midwestern landscape. The Collaborative has a portfolio of projects with the potential for learning and replication across a range of contexts. All of the work that members do together serves a larger purpose—to demonstrate and share project successes, barriers encountered, and lessons learned to inspire action.

Together We'll Go Further

The Midwest Row Crop Collaborative engages with a variety of partners, ranging from project implementers, technical advisors, and solutions developers to funders and thought leaders working on new policy and practices supporting systems change. If you see opportunities to align our work with yours, we’re eager to hear from you.