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About us

Who We Are

The Midwest Row Crop Collaborative is an innovate partnership aligned to drive positive environmental change in the upper Mississippi River Basin working to catalyze innovation among diverse public/private sector partnerships and projects that accelerate sustainable agricultural solutions. It is comprised of leading businesses and nonprofits that span the full food and agriculture value chain who collaborate by developing, funding and implementing cutting-edge programs and pilot projects that substantiate the water, air and soil benefits of sustainable agricultural practices and pave the way for broader change in the agricultural system.

Our Goals

The goal of the Midwest Row Crop Collaborative is to demonstrate changes in farming practices that can viably benefit the environment, using science-based approaches to identify and develop solutions to work towards an ambitious set of goals:

  • 50 percent of row crop acres in the Mississippi River Basin are implementing soil health practices by 2025
  • Reduce nutrient loading of nitrogen by 41 percent and phosphorus by 29 percent from Mississippi River Hypoxia Task Force States by 2035
  • 50 percent of all irrigation used in the Ogallala aquifer will maximize water conservation to reduce water quantity stress by 2025


The Midwest Row Crop Collaborative is a diverse coalition working to expand agricultural solutions that protect air and water quality and enhance soil health while remaining committed to producing enough food to feed the growing global population. These leading companies and conservation groups are all committed to building a broad partnership in three pilot states: Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska. This group will measure and deliver improved environmental outcomes through cross-sector collaboration and continuous improvement throughout the Upper Mississippi River Basin. We appreciate your interest in our work. Learn more about our efforts using the following resources.


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