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Exploring the social side of sustainable agriculture

As a social scientist working in the agriculture industry, I am often asked: “Cami, what is a social scientist and what, exactly do you do?” People’s curiosity is understandable, especially when most associate the ag industry and farming with disciplines like plant breeding, agronomy, and plant genetics. The field of…

Office News

Lessons from Collaboration: MRCC releases report “From the Inside Out”

Behind the Midwest Row Crop Collaborative is a seasoned group of leaders whose contributions range from guiding MRCC’s strategy to more granular work in developing collaborative projects to advance sustainable and regenerative agriculture. While the members approach MRCC’s work from varied perspectives within the value chain, in coming together they…

Guest Post

Upstream thinking for agricultural system change

What do teeth brushing, light switch timers, and grassed waterways have in common? They’re all preventative measures intended to solve problems before they begin—problems like cavities, arguments with your kids, and soil erosion. By incorporating these practices, thinking upstream of the root cause of the problem, we’re able to wisely…

Program Update

Growing an ecosystem of soil health organizations in the Midwest

Our agriculture system is experiencing a renaissance of sorts, with growing recognition of the importance of soil health for the long-term resilience and viability of both the land and the farmers who produce the food we eat. This shift in awareness is reflected in a growing ecosystem of organizations focused…