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Why procurement, marketing, and finance each have a role in investing in regenerative agriculture to mitigate climate risk

Within a food and beverage company, climate risk affects each function in different ways – and each of these functions can help farmers mitigate and adapt to that risk. Physical risks such as increased temperatures, droughts, and flooding are particularly germane to procurement. Brand risks, including reputational effects, competitor advantage,…

Program Update

Growing momentum at pivotal point for agriculture

If 2020 was marked by its disruption for the food and agricultural system and our wider society, how might we characterize this past year? Given a little distance from 2021 and—with the help of a review of Midwest Row Crop Collaborative’s accomplishments—I remain struck by the momentum MRCC has built…

Member News

Farmers in Eastern Nebraska adopt regenerative practices through project led by PepsiCo, Cargill, and Bayer

Across the flat plains and rolling hills of Eastern Nebraska, Midwest Row Crop Collaborative (MRCC) member companies, farmer support organizations, and growers are seeding new ways to scale regenerative agriculture. We know healthy soils that protect water quality and address climate change are necessary to support farm families now and into the future. At the same time, farmers face…

Program Update

Financing Nature: Unlocking Solutions for Regenerative Agriculture  

As part of Climate Week NYC, HSBC hosted a series of virtual events to help businesses navigate net zero, accelerate climate action, and assess progress ahead of COP26. One of the sessions, Financing Nature: Unlocking Solutions for Regenerative Agriculture, featured Christine Daugherty, VP of Global Sustainable…

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Deborah Carter McCoy

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